Stakk Ventures and Casino Immobilier sign a partnership for the commercialization of C-Datacenters

Casino Immobilier and Stakk Ventures signs a partnership
February 4, 2024
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Casino Immobilier is leveraging the expertise of Stakk Ventures and its brand Wisperin to accelerate the commercialization of C-Datacenters in France.

Casino Immobilier accelerates its diversification strategy by transforming part of its real estate portfolio into data centers in order to offer to its clients shared computer racks or dedicated IT rooms. This project, which spans two key French cities, Saint-Étienne and Aix-en-Provence, serves as a strategic gateway to the major economic and technological hubs of the Marseille and Lyon regions.

C-Datacenters' datacenter in Saint-Etienne

Stakk Ventures is instrumental in the strategic positioning of C-Datacenters, concentrating on developing growth strategies and marketing initiatives aimed at attracting enterprise-level and local clients, and public administrations.

Ben Constanty, co-founder and general manager of Stakk Ventures, highlighted the importance of this collaboration: "Our expertise in go-to-market strategy allows us to quickly understand and anticipate the C-Datacenters's regional growth needs. C-Datacenters will be a technological pillar for these regions, and our role is to ensure that this entity becomes increasingly visible in the data center market."

About Stakk Ventures:

Stakk Ventures is a multi-brand conglomerate focused on innovation and business acceleration. Stakk Ventures has built a diversified portfolio of brands and companies composed of specialized teams that have collectively generated over 70 million euros in revenue since their inception.

About C-Datacenters (Casino Immobilier):

C-Datacenters, part of Casino Immobilier & Innovation a subsidiary of Casino Group, specializes in providing data housing services in local and sustainable data centers. With facilities in Saint-Étienne, Aix-en-Provence, and a reach extending to the regions of Marseille and Lyon, C-Datacenters aims to meet the growing needs for data storage and processing in France.


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Stakk Ventures and Casino Immobilier sign a partnership for the commercialization of C-Datacenters


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