From 0 to $7M in 7 months, BME Care featured in Les Echos

Buy Made Easy team bootstraps a PPE business amidst Covid crisis
July 8, 2023
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When supply meets overwhelming demand

The Covid-19 pandemic brought about drastic changes in the global business landscape, forcing many companies to rethink their strategies and adapt to survive. One such company that turned a crisis into an opportunity is Buy Made Easy. Known for its procurement outsourcing services, our team took a bold step in 2020, bootstrapping a PPE (Personal protective equipment) business during the Covid crisis.

With the outbreak of the pandemic, Buy Made Easy saw a drastic drop in sales overnight.

However, our BtoB clients like Thales, Endemol, Roche, or even Rolls-Royce found themselves urgently requiring personal protective equipment (PPE). Responding swiftly to this demand, we leveraged our established network of partners in Asia, allowing us to source significant PPE volumes and ensuring compliance with European standards.

To manage online orders, the team quickly deployed an e-commerce platform and other management tools to process the requests more effectively.

BME Care was born. But technology alone wasn't enough.

We hired a dedicated compliance team in Shanghai to ensure the utmost quality of our shipments. Tasked with conducting rigorous audits of our factory partners, this team operated relentlessly, around the clock. In the initial months, we found ourselves in a whirlwind of constant monitoring and risk management, with sleep being a scarce luxury.

As the demand surged both through word-of-mouth and online interest, we strategically expanded our workforce. We recruited new business developers and started a dedicated hotline, ensuring seamless order tracking for our customers.

Within a month, BME Care grew its team by around fifteen people. This aggressive approach paid off. In addition to serving existing clients, BME Care signed contracts with forty new companies to supply masks.

By September, BME Care had ammassed €7 million in revenue. Some of the clients we acquired from PPE orders chose to continue their association with Buy Made Easy thereafter.

Despite the subsequent global surge in mask supply, leading to collapsed prices and shrinking margins, BME's proactive move proved advantageous. We haven't only attracted new clients to our Buy Made Easy's existing business but also significantly enhanced our brand visibility in the space.

BME's experience highlights the importance of agility, innovation, and adaptability in business – traits that are all the more critical in times of crisis.

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From 0 to $7M in 7 months, BME Care featured in Les Echos

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